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Shampoo Bars       Conditioner Bars


Shampoo Bars are bubbly and cleansing without stripping your hair of its natural luster.  Made without sulfates, this small shampoo bar is easy to store and will last you about two months, depending on how often you use it and how much hair you have.  Easy to use and, as always, plastic-free!

Directions:  Wet bar and roll in hands to activate bubbles, then apply bar to wet hair until you get all the suds you want, then rub bubbles into your hair as you normally would then rinse dirt and oil away!  Let dry between washes and use a soap saver bag when the bar is nearly used up.

Conditioner Bars go on smoothly and rinse out easily.  Made with natural ingredients that will leave your hair softened and shiny without weighing it down.  You get to decide just how much your hair needs because with this bar, you control how much is applied.  Easy to travel with and, as always, plastic free!

Directions:  Get your hair very wet as it helps to distribute the conditioner evenly and easily.  Either apply the bar directly to your hair or to your hands and smooth over your locks.  (Remember: the wetter the better). Leave conditioner on for two minutes or so, then rinse thoroughly.

Shampoo Bar Ingredients:

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is derived from the fatty acids in coconut oil and is the main cleansing ingredient in the shampoo bars.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine is also derived from coconut oil and is another cleansing agent and helps make those lovely bubbles we all love.

Cocoa Butter in its raw state helps harden the bar and creates a barrier between the cleansing agents and your hair to keep your locks from being stripped.

Babassu Oil is extracted from the seeds of the babassu tree and is similar to coconut oil in moisturizing properties while adding to the thickness of the lather.

Castor Oil is well known for its moisturizing abilities and also adds to the lather.

Coconut Milk Powder is very nourishing for your hair and scalp.

Clay adds color to the bar while also adding bubbles.

Fragrance added by synthetic fragrance oils or essential oil.

Germall Plus is a preservative.

Conditioner Bar Ingredients:

Cetearyl Alcohol, BTMS 50, BTMS 25 and Behentrimonium are all conditioning waxes that smooth hair strands and keep the bar in solid form.

Tucuma Butter is filled with fatty acids, which add glide, moisture and gloss to your hair.

Abyssinian Oil is lightweight and non-greasy and is filled with fatty acids and vitamins.  It adds shine, decreases frizz and protects strands from heat and pollution.

Argan Oil is well-known for its ability to moisturize hair, again because of its fatty acids and vitamins.  Nothing but the best for you!

Fragrance added by synthetic fragrance oils or essential oil.

Coconut Milk Powder, as you read above, nourishes your hair and scalp.

Panthenol Powder, or ProVitamin B5, easily penetrates the hair shaft and improves luster and shine.

Bars are packaged in biodegradable glassine bags and the available travel tin is reusable and highly recyclable.

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